April 2021  Kamloops United Church is currently closed for worship during the COVID-19 public gathering restrictions. Livestream worship is available on the Kamloops United Church YouTube channel. The livestream begins at 10 am and is available on the YouTube channel after that time.

To access livestream:  Sunday Worship Livestream

Sunday morning worship is at 10 a.m.     During the pre-worship time “announcements” are shown on the large screens. To get a “flavour” of the activities, ministries and celebrations of KUC, come 10 or 15 minutes early to visit and to see the announcement slides before the worship service begins.   The words of the hymns, responsive prayers, and the outline for  the service are projected on the screens during the service.

Our services are informal so come as you are!

There will be people to greet you Sunday mornings (from 9:30 a.m. until 10 a.m.) and they will answer any questions you have.  The worship service starts at 10:00 a.m.

Wheelchair access (level access) is available at both the front and back.  There is a lift (like an elevator), inside the main entrance, on the left.

There is sound enhancement equipment (head set) available.
There are envelopes for those who wish to receive a tax receipt for offering/donations.  An Offering stand is available just inside the entrance to the sanctuary. We do not pass an offering plate.

We work hard to be a scent-free building and an inclusive community, and appreciate your co-operation.

For children there is a Children’s Corner in the sanctuary, where children can participate in “parallel worship” or “self-guided” activity.

Communion services are held on the first Sunday of every month, and we serve bread, grape juice, or rice crackers (and a separate juice goblet) for those with wheat/gluten allergies. In February 2018 we introduced gluten free, dairy free, and vegan-friendly “O’Doughs Multigrain Flatbread” (*see below for the ingredient list) for our Communion bread.  Plain rice crackers are also available.

*Ingredient list for our Communion Bread which is gluten free, dairy free, and vegan-friendly “O’Doughs Multigrain Flatbread”: Water, potato starch, tapioca starch, soya flour, sunflower oil, whole grain rice flour, chickpea flour, flax meal, cellulose fibre, yeast, sea salt, organic evaporated cane juice, xanthan gum, emulsifier, glycerine, sodium acid, pyrophosphate and baking soda.

All people, including children, non-members, visitors, doubters and seekers are WELCOME to receive Communion.  Communion Sundays are also Food Bank Sundays, when we gather food to share with the wider community.

There are refreshments and an opportunity to visit together after our Sunday worship services.
The service is usually a little more than an hour in length.
See you here!

A little more information:

KUC projects “worship slides” for the convenience of worshippers.

Large print bulletins (order of service with hymn words included) are available.  Please let the church office know (by Thursday morning) if you would like one.  kuchurch@shaw.ca or 250-372-3020

There is a prayer box on the desk in the front entrance way. Prayers placed in the prayer box are spoken by the minister in the “Prayers of the People” during the service.  The prayer box has two sections. One section stores paper and pencil for you to write a prayer request.  The other section has a slit in the lid for you to place the prayer in.    (If you are requesting prayers for someone else, please receive their permission first.)

After the opening music we take a few moments to centre ourselves.  At that time the Christ Candle is lit and the prayer box is brought in and placed on the Communion Table.

Music & Choirs:  Music is a very important and valued part of the life of KUC.
KUC uses two main hymnbooks: Voices United and More Voices.  (Since the words are projected on the large screens, those who wish to have hymnbooks are welcome to use them.)

The Folk of Note are the KUC choir.  They offer music leadership and an anthem most Sundays.  Accompaniment is usually piano and/or organ, and sometimes guitar.  From time to time we have guest musicians with cello, trumpet, flute, and/or drums.  Occasionally there is a vocal solo or small ensemble.  Visit our Music & Liturgical Arts page for information about KUC’s vocal and handbell choirs.

Annually we hold a joint UCC service in one of our local parks.  The three United Churches in Kamloops plan and co-lead this service, which is a celebration of our denomination and of our church history and church life. (Having jointly celebrated the 85th anniversary of the UCC in 2010, and enjoying that joint service of celebration so much, we have continued to gather jointly annually.)  To view photos of these occasions, click here.


Baptism for adults and children is held as requests are made to our clergy/minister.  Those who wish to be baptised (or parents of children) meet with our minister to prepare for baptism.  Baptism is a public action, and is held during Sunday morning worship.

Worship at other times and/or places

Jazz Vespers

Held on the third Sunday of the month at 7pm November to May.

Worship Service at Berwick-on-the-Park
KUC holds a worship service at Berwick on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 2:30pm.

At Kamloops United Church we have a lay person, Chris Dolson, licensed as a Marriage Minister.  Weddings are held in the KUC sanctuary or at locations outside KUC.  Please contact the church office for information about weddings.

Seasonal Special Worship Services

Annually, in early December, a Blue Christmas Service is held at KUC.  (“Blue Christmas” is an opportunity for those who have experienced loss, or find themselves at odds with the “Christmas Season” to gather in a quiet meditative/reflective service to enter the Christmas season in a gentle, reflective way.

Christmas Eve we hold special services that focus on the Christmas Story.  The earlier Christmas Eve service is a “worship for all ages”, with a particular focus on families with young children.  The second/later Christmas Eve service is a “Carol and Candlelight service”.

At the beginning of the season of Lent we hold a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper, which sometimes includes a Mardi Gras evening with dancing.  The following evening we share in a traditional “Ash Wednesday” worship service.  All are welcome!

During Holy Week (the week before Easter) there are a variety of activities both on site at KUC and as part of our Tri-Church events (the three United Churches in Kamloops: Mount Paul UC, PLURA Hills UC and Kamloops UC) in other locations.  To view pictures of some of these events visit our Photo page.