KUC: Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery Programs

“Theological Banquet”:
  a well attended workshop with  facilitator Rev. Dr. Janet Gear. The response to this engaging topic was enthusiastic and positive. March 17, 2018

Past Programs Held in 2017:

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Chronic Pain.    Program was offered through the University of Victoria, Centre for Aging, and led by local volunteer facilitators.   Participants gained knowledge, skills and confidence in the management of chronic pain.

Jesus Fatwah – Loving your Muslim Neighbour as Yourself.      An opportunity for Christians both to understand more about the Muslim faith (values, beliefs, pillars, action) through Muslim and Christian speakers on video, and to consider how the two faith groups might work together.    This program is part of the Living the Questions series of videos and discussions.

Spirituality Through Scripture    Seven sessions based on 2017 Lenten Challenge with daily readings from the gospel of John.   The first session focussed on discipleship and the characteristics of the gospel of John.   The other sessions focussed on issues introduced by the daily readings.    Participants were encouraged to share their own responses to the readings and to raise questions which have occurred to them.

Vision for Growing Older (with a special focus for men)  Eight sessions for participants to widen and deepen their understanding of aging and elderhood, based on Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s book “From Age-ing to Sage-ing”.   This spiritual eldering drew on the models of the traditional tribal elder, recent breakthroughs in brain-mind and consciousness research, and the ecology movement which urges us to live in harmony with the natural world.

Public Forum on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).    This was an educational event for the entire community and an opportunity to consider the recent legislation on MAiD from a legal, medical, ethical and theological perspective.   Speakers included:  Dr. Harsh Hundal (Chief of the MAiD program for the Interior Health Authority);   Dr. Philip Sigalet (family physician);  Rev. Dr. John Burton (United Church minister, lawyer and ethicist).   Moderator:  Tara Dekker (lawyer and ethicist).