Kamloops United Church (KUC), a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery (CCSD)

Being a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery  provides opportunities for anyone to explore, experience, question, discover, grow and be nurtured in many aspects of spirituality, community, and faith. KUC’s communities and our programs are open to everyone. All ages and stages are invited to participate. All faiths, and those of no faith, are warmly welcomed.

By hosting a variety of speakers, forums, book studies, and other educational programs, offering ongoing programs and continuing to explore a variety of music and worship opportunities, the Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery is a continuation of KUC’s expanding role in the community and spiritual life of the region.

Come and see!!

Is there something at the Centre for you/me?

As a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery, we understand that we are all at different places on our faith journeys. A Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery springs from a Christian faith tradition; however, we understand that there are many different paths to the spiritual richness and nurturance that humans seek. The United Church of Canada is part of a liberal tradition, and is attuned to the shifting culture around ‘church’. Becoming a centre for spiritual discovery is a response to that shift and a response to the spiritual yearning in all of us.  KUC and the CCSD are inclusive and Affirming. The goal is that all feel invited, welcomed and affirmed by the life of KUC.  So, young or old, parent or child, single or partnered, wondering or certain, religious or SBNR (spiritual but not religious)…this is a place of community, and spiritual discovery.

How to get involved

Contact the KUC office at 250-372-3020 or office@kamloopsunited.ca
Contact our church administrator, Florence, at admin@kamloopsunited.ca
Contact our minister at mcaveney@kamloopsunited.ca

The history of KUC becoming a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery