Pastoral Care is a core ministry at Kamloops United Church.   This group of compassionate people cares for our congregation through the concerns and celebrations of our lives. They do this in a variety of ways:

  • visiting those who are in hospital, residential care or “shut in” at home,
  • sending cards on special occasions. (Please help us by letting the church office know about celebrations and life transitions for those who would appreciate a greeting card from Pastoral Care.)
  • hosting tea parties at Berwick on the Park,
  • assisting with monthly worship services at Berwick-on-the-Park (2:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of  each month),
  • celebrating our elders with an annual Seniors Luncheon at Kamloops United Church,
  • caring for our Sunday morning Prayer Box, organizing an annual Memorial Hymn Sing,
  • co-ordinating a Blue Christmas service in December,
  • updating our Emergency Contact Book
  • organizing / hosting personal support and growth opportunities.

Meetings are held monthly. However members do communicate often to respond to the cares and to the concerns of our church family. We attend to illness, losses, transitions and celebrations with cards, phone calls and home visits.

Ongoing project  A KUC Emergency Contact List:

If you have not had a chance to fill your form out yet, please find the form attached, ready to print. Please click on the link below to print. There are also copies available at the reception desk.

After you have filled the form out, please give it to a member of Pastoral Care on Sundays or place it in the KUC office during the week.   “Keeping this information on file will help us to better care for each other.”


2018 Highlights:
– providing visits at Royal Inland hospital three times per week
– hosting monthly worship services at Berwick-on-the-Park
– hosting the Blue Christmas service
– attending to illness, losses, transitions and celebrations of congregants with cards, phone calls and home visits.
– hosting a Memorial Hymn Sing

2017 Highlights:
Pastoral Care and Discovery Circle worked together to present at special public forum on Medical Assistance in Dying. It was a well attended  and very well received public event.

2015/2016 Highlights:
– In partnership with Mary Widmer, co-led with Bruce Comrie, we offered a 6 week “Climbing out of the Valley” grief series with 22 registered participants.
–  continued to offer a monthly worship service at Berwick, occasionally hosting a tea following the worship services.
|- Along with Gordon Britton, June & Ron Routledge, Margaret Waldon & the choir, we  hosted a Memorial Hymn Sing.
– We co-hosted the annual Blue Christmas service with Plura Hills United.
– We hosted a Senior’s luncheon following Sunday morning worship.
– We lobbied and received the donation of an AED from the Heart & Stroke Foundation to place in our church.
– We completed the annual review and update of KUC members’ Emergency Response information.
– We led a Sunday morning worship service.

We appreciate the ongoing support we receive from members of the congregation in assisting us to be informed, and we encourage everyone to communicate with any Pastoral Care member about people’s needs.