For children:

  God's Dream       Waterbugs & DragonfliesBeing Sad When Someone Dies Finding the Words

We have four new books for children, to explain about forgiveness, empathy, grief and death.

Finding the Words by Alan Wolfeldt (How to talk with children and teens about death, suicide, funerals, homicide, cremation and other end of life matters.)
Being Sad When Someone Dies by Linus Munday (A book about grief for young children)
Water Bugs and Dragonflies by Doris Stickney ( This book explains about death to young children.) We have a couple of mini-paperbacks of this but this one is a large hardcover with great pictures.

God’s Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu (This book is about forgiveness and empathy.)

         For adults:
The Power of a Story      Help-Thanks-Wow     Don't Write My Obituary Yet
Help  Thanks  Wow by Anne Lamott. The three essential prayers.
The Power Of A Story by James W. Moore. This book stresses the importance of telling stories about faith, hope and love, and  includes a discussion guide.)
Don’t Write My Obituary Just Yet by Missy Buchanan.  Inspiring faith stories for older adults,

 A little bit of history…

KUC’s library has been around for a great many years.  For the past 20 or so years Bonnie Daviduk has been the main driving force behind KUC’s library.  Arleen Simmonds was assistant to Bonnie for many of those years. When Bonnie began work on the library, it was located on the second floor of the CE Centre (Christian Education Centre).  She had a vision of making the library more accessible to the congregation, so on Sunday mornings bags of books were carted to the Fellowship Hall where they were on display during refreshment time and available for borrowing.  Ken Lepin saw the need and crafted and donated a beautiful Library Cart so the librarians could keep a rotating variety of books on the cart for Sunday morning display.  It worked!  It soon became evident that the Library needed to be more accessible by moving to the main floor.  The library moved into the Lay Ministry Office, where it was until May, 2012.  During renovations to our sanctuary, the Library books were boxed and stored, as that space became the working office for Sharon (Administrative Secretary) as her former office was vacated for redevelopment.