Discovery Circle is tasked with visioning the future for Kamloops United Church, as a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery.  Meeting twice monthly, they work to bring forward progressive and new ideas and dreams for the future of this church through innovative programs and community engagement.

Discovery Circle is currently co-chaired by Dawne Taylor and Mary Ann Milobar.

If you are interested in  more detailed information about the work of this group, please go to “About Us“, “Guiding Documents“, “KUC Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery“.

Discovery Circle (DC) members are Dawne Taylor, Mary Ann Milobar, Alan Hodgson, Marcia Julian, Chris Dolson, Rev. Bruce Comrie, George Johnson, Carole Hutchings.

Goals for 2018 –  Activities and Initiatives of Discovery Circle

  • meet as a group with Council Circle as a group; develop agenda together;

consider how work of Council and DC dovetail and ensure on same page;   vision together in broad terms for the Centre in future years
 –   continue follow-up/discussion/action on many of the initiatives begun before 2018

  • continue support and encouragement for existing programs as noted above

(eg. Labyrinth Ministry, Jazz Vespers, Community Lunch, Aboriginal Ministry, Affirming Ministry)

  • encourage and support new initiatives which may be undertaken by KUC
  • continue to be the “vision keeper” for the Centre by envisaging and articulating

possibilities, dreams, hopes, obstacles, etc.

  • meet with each group / ministry at KUC to speak about KUC as A Centre for

Community and Spiritual Discovery, and explore how that group sees itself as contributing to the Centre, and how its contributions might be enhanced

  • improve communication with the congregation about the Centre, and clarify the role

of Discovery Circle and all groups within the church vis-à-vis the Centre

  • follow-up and perhaps take responsibility for exploring and implementing some of

the ideas which emerge from the Fishing Tips study

  • identify leaders who might offer programs or undertake initiatives as part of the

Centre; support such leaders, and assist them in developing their leadership skills and abilities to vision, initiate and implement

  • plan and lead a worship service
  • encourage the development of “small groups” within KUC (ie. groups with members

with a common interest or goal) to build community and enhance spiritual discovery

  • expand into the Kamloops community by connecting with agencies, groups, etc. to

solicit info and “advertise” KUC as A Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery

  • develop concrete plans for “keeping in touch” with congregants, including some kind

of follow-up with those who leave the congregation

  • confirmed workshop for spiritual discovery / nurturance:

Theological Banquet, March 17 (facilitator: Rev. Dr. Janet Gear) – for KUC and K-O Presbytery

  • discussions on other possible events for spiritual discovery / nurturance / public

involvement include:
Lectionary Study
Christianity 101
Spiritual Practices Workshop or Group
Book Studies
Public Forum on Reconciliation (in conjunction with Aboriginal Ministry)

2017 Activities and Initiatives of Discovery Circle

–   continued follow-up/discussion/action on many of the initiatives begun before 2017

  • continued support and encouragement for existing programs as noted

(eg. Labyrinth Ministry, Jazz Vespers, Community Lunch, Aboriginal Ministry)

  • encouraged and supported new initiatives being undertaken by KUC (sometimes

with a partner group) under the umbrella of the Centre (eg. Affirming Ministry, PRIDE choir, Celebrating Faith Connections)

  • initiated and hosted (with Bruce Comrie) two Newcomers’ Luncheons
  • undertook, facilitated or encouraged a facilitator for the following “spiritual discovery

/ spiritual nurturance / community-building programs:

St. Paul for the Perplexed series (facilitator:   Chuck Anderson)
Lenten Challenge
Jesus Fatwa – Living the Questions (facilitator: Dawne Taylor)
Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain (facilitator: Leslie Hall)
Epiphany Exploration videos re-play from 2017 event
Medical Assistance in Dying Public Forum (organizers: Dawne Taylor and Cheryl Lyall)

StoryFest (facilitators: Ralph Milton et al), including hosting a dinner for presenters the night before the event
Affirming Workshop (facilitator:   Allison Rennie)
Fishing Tips Book Study (facilitator:   George Johnson)

  • on-going discussions on how to involve the 25-40 year age group


Discovery Circle –  2016

Purpose/Vision : On November 29, 2015, the KUC congregation covenanted with the Discovery Circle to envision and implement KUC as a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery. With our regular meetings, that mandate is carried out through actions (e.g. arranging speakers, hosting workshops) and through a visioning process every 3 months.

Highlights of the year:
– Merging of former Faith Formation and Emerging Church groups in September, 2015, to form the Discovery Circle
– Laying out Foundational Principles and Policies for the Centre – approved by CC in October
– Covenanting with Council Circle and congregation as per purpose/vision above
– Investigated and installed signs in both phases, facilitated a hospitality workshop, looked at logo suggestions for the Centre, brainstormed possible programs through to June, 2017, initiated the Lenten Challenge, offered/facilitated several programs

Becoming a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery:

Our purpose is to ensure the Centre becomes a reality.
We envisage this will happen through a 3-pronged approach:
1. programming
2. hospitality
3. advertising. We also hope to encourage and develop leaders in the congregation.

Future Plans:
– We look forward to the hiring of an Administrative Manager and envisage working closely with that incumbent on advertising, publicity, communications, and technology.
– We anticipate continuing to work with congregation members to ensure the ministry of hospitality is alive and well at KUC – and that all persons coming to the Centre and to worship feel themselves welcomed and wanted.
– We envisage offering a number of quality programs in the coming year as we reach beyond the present congregation and into the larger Kamloops community.