Discovery Circle is called to oversee the implementation of a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery. Covenanted with the congregation on November 29, 2015, Discovery Circle was the amalgamation of the former Faith Formation and Emerging Church groups. Council Circle asked the Discovery Circle to give leadership to envisioning and implementing a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery.

Discovery Circle (DC) members are Dawne Taylor, Mary Ann Milobar, Alan Hodgson, Marcia Julian, Chris Dolson, Rev. Bruce Comrie, George Johnson, Carole Hutchings.

Discovery Circle –  2016

Meeting: 1st and 3rd Mondays, 7:30 pm
Contacts: MaryAnn Milobar or Dawne Taylor (co-Chairs)

Purpose/Vision : On November 29, 2015, the KUC congregation covenanted with the Discovery Circle to envision and implement KUC as a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery. With our regular meetings, that mandate is carried out through actions (e.g. arranging speakers, hosting workshops) and through a visioning process every 3 months.

Highlights of the year:
– Merging of former Faith Formation and Emerging Church groups in September, 2015, to form the Discovery Circle
– Laying out Foundational Principles and Policies for the Centre – approved by CC in October
– Covenanting with Council Circle and congregation as per purpose/vision above
– Investigated and installed signs in both phases, facilitated a hospitality workshop, looked at logo suggestions for the Centre, brainstormed possible programs through to June, 2017, initiated the Lenten Challenge, offered/facilitated several programs

Becoming a Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery:

Our purpose is to ensure the Centre becomes a reality.
We envisage this will happen through a 3-pronged approach:
1. programming
2. hospitality
3. advertising. We also hope to encourage and develop leaders in the congregation.

Future Plans:
– We look forward to the hiring of an Administrative Manager and envisage working closely with that incumbent on advertising, publicity, communications, and technology.
– We anticipate continuing to work with congregation members to ensure the ministry of hospitality is alive and well at KUC – and that all persons coming to the Centre and to worship feel themselves welcomed and wanted.
– We envisage offering a number of quality programs in the coming year as we reach beyond the present congregation and into the larger Kamloops community.