BruceRev. D. Bruce Comrie, Minister

Rev. Comrie works with the Kamloops United Church congregation to carry out Christ’s ministry in downtown Kamloops and the wider community. Bruce has served in ministry at KUC for the past thirteen years.

Rev. D. Bruce Comrie’s office hours are: Sunday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday as days off.
To talk with Bruce, please contact him through the church office and/or leave him a confidential voice mail message at (250) 372-3020 ext. 102 or by email:


Florence Ballard, Administrative ManagerFlorence Ballard
Florence moved here a year ago from Toronto. She has wonderful family in Kamloops and is very excited to be back in BC where she grew up. Florence’s work history includes administrating world-renowned concert halls such as Massey Hall and Glenn Gould Studio. Her work life has been diverse and includes being an actor, comedian, disabilities support worker, arts administrator, health and safety leader and media librarian. Florence is very excited to be at Kamloops United Church. The work that is being done here is as diverse and exciting as Florence’s background!
Florence can be reached at or (250) 372-3020.

Alan Hodgson

Alan Hodgson, Office Staff:  Clerical
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Mondays

The Office is open Monday – Friday 8:30 to 3pm (except Statutory holidays)
Alternate Mondays and each Tuesday and Thursday Alan staffs the KUC office.
KUC Office: 250-372-3020


Judy Petzke

Judy Petzke, Office Staff:  Bookkeeper
Hours: Wednesday and Friday and alternate Mondays

The Office is open Monday – Friday 8:30 to 3pm (except Statutory holidays)
Alternate Mondays and each Wednesday and Friday Judy staffs the KUC office.
KUC Office: 250-372-3020



Chris Dolson is KUC’s Marriage Minister.

Kamloops United Church has had lay persons as our  “Marriage Minister” for decades.  (Chris is our fourth such lay person.)  A long time member of KUC, Chris accepted this lay ministry position in March, 2010.

Contact Kamloops United’s office at 250-372-3020 to have Chris be in touch with you.




 alix-staff-page-arAlix Dolson is KUC’s Aboriginal ministries coordinator.
Alix holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Arts in Human Security and Peacebuilding. As a social worker and lifelong member of KUC, Alix is passionate about building and strengthening the relationship between the church and the Aboriginal community. With a focus on social justice and reconciliation, Alix is excited to be in this role and is looking forward to finding opportunities for the church and the wider community to strengthen ties with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.
Contact Alix at

Rachel Casponi, KUC Music Director, is a music educator, performer and advocate for music education.  She holds Bachelor degrees in Music, Drama and Education, an Artist Diploma in Opera Performance and a Masters of Music.  She achieved her Level One Orff certification, her Level One certification from the Canadian Wind Conductors Development Program and is a certified teacher in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  During her decade-long teaching career Rachel primarily taught band, but has also taught general music and choir.  She currently serves as her region representative for the BC Choral Federation, she has served on the advocacy committee with the Saskatchewan Band Association; she helped organize the South Saskatchewan Junior Band program and served tirelessly on many music festival committees.  She has taught every level of band from beginning band to senior band but is specifically passionate about beginning and middle years band.

In addition to her experience as a band and music teacher, Rachel has worked professionally as a choir director, theatre instructor, voice teacher, executive director, arts administrator, stage manager and performer.  Most of her experience has involved working with young people, to whom she has steadfastly dedicated her time and energy.  As an educator Rachel has experienced firsthand the life-changing role music can play in a young person’s development.  As an advocate for music education Rachel believes that access to a passionate music specialist is essential for young people, as is access to instruments, instruction and the opportunity to make music.  No young person should be denied this opportunity, regardless of circumstance or socioeconomic situations.



Les Nilesen joined the custodial team in February 2015.

“I feel blessed to be here.  I’m glad I took a path in life that led to this.”



Rick Windjack is KUC’s “PIT Stop” Co-ordinator.

PIT* Stop (*People In Transition) is a nutritious dinner at Kamloops United Church every Sunday afternoon year round and is mainly a volunteer driven program. The dinners are provided without charge.
To read more visit  //
or visit our PIT Stop, Kamloops Facebook page.
To contact Rick by email: