Council Circle

 Council Circle is responsive and accountable to the congregation (as you can see from the organizational chart below).  Members listen carefully to the congregation and act on their behalf.  They are stewards of KUC’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Council Circle is comprised of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, representative of Ministry and Personnel, and 6 members at large.  Meetings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

The meetings are open to any who are interested.  Members are happy to hear ideas and comments from congregants.  If you have suggestions for improvement or implementation of our goals, please contact us.

At the 2017 AGM on May 7th, the following people were elected to serve on this year’s council and trustees.

Chair: Marnie Strong
Vice Chair:  Chris Dolson
Vice Chair:  Jan Vint
Secretary: Sue Sewell
Treasurer: Gail Wichmann
Members-at-large:  Becky Geeson, Dale Merrett, Donna Vernon (Sept) Dirk Trigg (Nov.)
Presbytery Reps:  Maia Walker, Carole Hutchings

In addition to those elected, ex officio members are: Administrative Manager, Florence Ballard and Lead Minister, Rev. Bruce Comrie.

Ministry and Personnel Committee: Karen McClelland, Marcia Julian, Derm Strong
Trustrees:  Chair: Ray Sewell,  Phyllis Boswell, Marcia Julian and Donna Vernon.


KUC Organizational Structure

A new organizational structure for KUC was accepted on September 6, 2015 at a congregational meeting.  In this new organizational structure the “KUC Management Team” consists of the “Lead Minister”, the “Administrative Manager” and the KUC Treasurer.  (The Treasurer is also a member of the KUC Council Circle.)  The left and right columns delineate the answer to the question “Who do I go to?”
KUC Organizational Structure____________________________________________________________________________

Kamloops United Church Women (Kamloops UCW)

The U.C.Women gather on a monthly basis for fellowship and to participate in a helpful way in the life of the Church.  We have general discussions and planning of projects. Occasionally, a guest speaker is invited to speak on subjects of interest. All women of the church are welcome to attend any meeting and participate in any of the activities or events.

An annual “Fall Fair” provides an opportunity for fun, fellowship and fundraising.  Usually held in early November, it runs from 10 am to 3 pm. Tables are booked by vendors,refreshments can be purchased and there is always a wonderful  home baking and goodies table.

We have homemade Cookie Sales on Valentine and Mothers’ Day Sundays.

The KUC Thrift Shop at 429 St. Paul St. is an ongoing  and very busy enterprise. Donations of clean used clothing, household equipment, china and linen, books  and music and other miscellaneous items are welcomed.

The Thrift Shop is well supported by the community. It also welcomes volunteer workers who would enjoy the atmosphere there of presenting and selling and the fellowship of women working together. (Click to see our “a visit to the KUC Thrift
” page)

General UCW meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month from January to December excluding the two summer months.  The meetings in June and December include a pot luck luncheon.  All meetings are in the fellowship hall, with a level entrance from the back lane.

If you have further inquiries, please call Sharon Rhodes at 250 434-5411.

Photo: 2015 UCW Executive:  from left to right: Carole Hutchings, Ingrid VanTamelen, Wilma Dresti and Doreen Lister.
UCW Exec 2015



Envelope Steward, Barb Hollingshead

Jane Reed

Jane Reed

“As Envelope Steward” Barb says, “my primary role is to track everyone’s offerings throughout the year, issue statements in the spring and again at the end of summer, and issue income tax receipts at the end of each year.  As part of the role, I help folk determine which method of giving is best for them, whether that be using offering envelopes on a weekly basis, consolidating their giving into 3-4 times per year, or joining our Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) program whereby an automatic debit can be made to a bank account, or to VISA or MasterCard.  Address & phone number changes are entered into the computer as needed and changes to the offering of those on the PAR program are sent to Church House in Toronto as required.  Towards the end of November each year, offering envelopes are prepared for the next year for those who wish to use that method of giving.”    Barb is delighted to have Jane Reed join her in this important part of KUC’s stewardship ministry.


KUC Representatives to Kamloops/Okanagan Presbytery


2017 Presbytery Representative: Maia Walker



2016:Kathy Johnson has just completed seven years as a representative from Kamloops United Church to Kamloops-Okanagan Presbytery, Maia Walker is the Youth Rep. to  Presbytery, along with K.U.C. minister, Bruce Comrie008.

Kathy’s Thoughts on her Role:  Kathy felt honoured to be a Presbytery Rep. She says:  “My role was to act as the representative for Kamloops United Church in Kamloops-Okanagan Presbytery, and further to that, as representative for Kamloops-Okanagan Presbytery at BC Conference.  BC Conference meets twice in three years (a year before and year of General Council).  They select several members to represent BC Conference every three years when General Council is held.  The purpose of all these meetings – Presbytery, BC Conference and General Council, is to conduct the business of the Church and for BC Conference to also confirm, admit and recognize new ministers.  So, although we have fun when we get together, there is work that is done as well.”  

“To me, a significant part of faithful public witness is witnessing to the public issues of social justice.” 

 Maia and Nina, Presbytery              Bruce, Presbytery           Nina, Presbytery____________________________________________________________________________

KUC Members on the KUC Preschool Advisory Board

Anne Brogden, Betty Karpuk, Linda L'Arrivee and Carolyn Ramsay

Anne Brogden, Betty Karpuk, Linda L’Arrivee and Carolyn Ramsay

The Preschool Advisory Board provides monitoring and support for the KUC Preschool and Out-of-School Care Program.  Four of the board members are members of KUC. Anne Brogden, Betty Karpuk, Linda L’Arrivee and Carolyn Ramsay do this ministry/work on behalf of the church.  The other board members represent the two preschool programs: one is a parent of a child in the 3 year old program and one is a parent of a child in the 4 year old program.