Kamloops United has a number of documents that have been developed from within, to help us in our ongoing church life.  Some of these are posted on the website, so that ministry groups have quick and easy access.  Printed documents are housed in KUC’s church office.

KUC Mission, Vision & Values
KUC Organization Charts (2) 2018

KUC – a Centre for Community & Spiritual Discovery Founding Principles and Policies
KUC – Centre for Community & Spiritual Discovery Summary 2015 – 2017

KUC Objectives & Goals 2018-2019
KUC Objectives & Goals 2017-2018
KUC Objectives and Goals 2016-2017
KUC Summary of Objectives and Goals 2016-2017

Annual Reports:

KUC Annual Report 2019-2020

KUC Annual Report 2018-2019
KUC Annual Report 2017-2018
KUC Annual Report 2016-2017

KUC Annual report 2015-2016 

KUC Administrative Manager Job Description

KUC’s Holy Manners Covenant
KUC Guidelines Organizing a Fundraiser

We have also developed policies for the ongoing life/ministry of our congregation.

KUC Gaming Policy
KUC On Site Alcohol Use Policy

KUC Space Utilization and Booking Policy
KUC Fundraising Policy
KUC Scent Free Policy    See also: Tips on Scented products
KUC Tax Receipting Policy
KUC  Project Approval Process

United Church of Canada Pamphlets:

Sexual Abuse Policy and Consultants, B.C. Conference
Following Footsteps:Screening Procedures for Positions of Trust.
United Church of Canada Duty of Care Program
United Church of Canada Duty of Care With Children’s Ministries